The comedian goes on to examine the problems of life in a world crowded by zombies who take a price on the children, and sometimes the public situations provide a increased chance to their continuous success than the zombies that walk the place. Over time, the character types are improved by the continuous experience passing and some increase willing to do anything to endure.

The Strolling Expended Time 2 Instance 3 Summary - The collection watch for Shane's gain, not aware that he's caught in a college encased by zombies; Daryl and Andrea search the wood for a losing person.
Since the birth of television, shows are sprouting like mushrooms in any stations then there comes the most awaited TV Series in the evening, until these series also infested even the mornings and afternoons. Every series is a must-see for all. Every viewer wanted to know every detail, every happening and even try to predict the next attraction on the next time slot.

Is it an advantage? This question also came to the minds of critics, those who also belong to the group of TV addicts but just don’t want to accept the fact that they have the addiction, too, and those who often have all the questions for the sake of having a topic to be discussed. Well, since the question was already asked, let’s try to decipher watching TV Series.

It’s just an opinion…my opinion..that maybe it is an advantage to people of different levels in life.

The full time mothers who are actually the ones left in the house most often are the ones who watch TV most of the time. In the beginning, just to while away time until the kids and husband got home but later on, got hooked up with the series that even dinner was almost forgotten. Advantage because it helps these full time mothers to relax a bit from all the household routines they are facing but a disadvantage if these TV series were all what they have faced throughout the day never minding the chores. Pity then to the kids and husband that will come home hungry.

Those who work and just get home to relax are the next victims of these series. Sometimes they don’t even mind the outcome of their work if it’s done well or not, just eager to come home and watch their favorite show. And even sometimes at work, they try to find means to watch like from the internet. They can even spend time and even money just to follow the series when they are already captivated by it.

Then, there were the kids who are actually fans of the cartoon TV series. Assignments are forgotten, lessons at school is a universe away from them when they are in front of the television.

Although, watching TV series has all the disadvantages it can give (not counting on the radiation the television can give when you are dedicatedly engrossed with it…well, there is green TV and protections, says the reasons…), there are also certain advantages. It’s the person who is watching that can control himself. It is all proper self discipline. When you watch, get the good content and leave behind the violence that can cause a chaos.

Watching TV for kids can also be a way of learning but with proper guidance of parents. The parents must always be there for the kids ready to explain what they are watching for them to understand that television is just a means to reach out to worlds imaginable.

Adults can also learn, as long as there are no burnt cookies in the oven, house are cleaned well, laundry well attended to, and family needs first before anything TV series can offer. Attending to chores or working or learning will not be an interference as long as you manage your time well…do everything ahead of time before the most awaited series will pop out of its time slot!

Sit back relax and enjoy!

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